Snow Removal & Parking

Snow Removal
A normal snowfall takes 8 - 10 hours to clear, with city crews typically starting snow removal operations at 5 a.m. Snow windrowed in the downtown area is generally removed the following day.

Snow Plows
Snow Plow drivers' visibility is limited. There is a large blind spot directly behind the trucks. When following a snow plow, please stay well back. The plows occasionally have to stop and back up and the drivers cannot see vehicles directly behind the trucks.

Due to the size and force of the snowplow, it is important to keep items, such as vehicles, rubbish containers, etc., at least 3 feet back from the edge of the street. For safety reasons, children should be discouraged from tunneling into or sliding from the snow piles that accumulate at the end of driveways or in cul-de-sacs.

Mailbox Damage
Snow plow operations occasionally damage mailboxes. The city has a policy to repair or replace mailboxes struck by snow plows. However, mailboxes damaged by snow thrown by the plow are the homeowner's responsibility to repair. Mailboxes are supposed to be installed flush with the back of the curb, 8 inches behind the edge of the street. The Postal Service requests that homeowners keep the area in front of their mailboxes clear so that postal vehicles are able to get close to the mailbox.

Parking During Snow Removal
From November 1st to April 1st, no vehicle shall be parked on any city street which may interfere with the operation of any snow removal with the exception of Broad Street from Cherry Street to Kinnickinnic Street, and Orange Street from Front Street to Dakota Street, whereby snow removal on these streets will be from 4 - 6 a.m. Any such vehicle shall have a penalty enforced and may be removed by a contracted service. All fees shall be paid by the owner.

Snow & Ice Removal from Sidewalks
Within 24 hours after the cessation of any fall of sleet or snow, it shall be the duty of the owners and/or the occupants of any lot or parcel of land in the City of Prescott to remove, or cause to be removed, the snow or sleet from any and all sidewalks and the nearest cross-side-walks adjacent to the premises of such owner or occupant, and to keep the same free and clear of snow and ice for the full width of the sidewalk