Trash & Recycling

The city has contracted with Paul's Industrial Garage Inc. (P.I.G.) to pick up trash and recycling for all single family, 2 family, and 3 family residences.

Start, Change, or Terminate Trash and Recycling Pickup

Contact City Hall at 715-262-5544.

Refuse Containers

Residents may select 1 of 3 options:
  • 35 gallon cart
  • 65 gallon cart
  • 95 gallon cart
Carts are picked up weekly. P.I.G. will only pick up refuse that is placed in the cart. P.I.G. picks up refuse on all holidays except Christmas. If Christmas is on your regularly scheduled pick-up day, P.I.G. will pick up on the next business day.

Recycling Containers

Residents are provided a 65 gallon cart with a yellow top that clearly distinguishes the refuse and recycling containers. All recyclable materials can be commingled in this cart. P.I.G. will not pick up any recycling that is not placed into the cart. Residents can choose to place their containers out weekly or as needed when the container is full. Pierce County recycling has also placed recycling bins at the City Shop (1109 Jefferson Street). Residents may also drop their recyclable items at these bins.

Refuse & Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Refuse and recycling will be picked up either on Wednesday or Thursday. Please see the attached map. All refuse and recycling must be placed at the curb before 6 a.m. on your day of pick-up. The carts must be placed 10 feet apart from each other to allow the equipment P.I.G. uses to pick up each cart.

Refuse & Recycling Fees

The fees for refuse and recycling for 2017 are:
Service Charge
35 Gallon Cart Refuse / 65 Gallon Cart Recycling
65 Gallon Cart Refuse / 65 Gallon Cart Recycling
95 Gallon Cart Refuse / 65 Gallon Cart Recycling


Recycling Acceptable Items

  • Alcohol bottles
  • Aluminum / steel / tin cans
  • Cardboard and paper bags (flattened)
  • Cereal / detergent boxes
  • Computer paper
  • Envelopes (business and manila)
  • File folders
  • Junk mail
  • Ketchup bottles
  • Magazines / telephone books
  • Newspaper
  • Plastics (#1 - #7)
  • Soda / juice bottles
  • Sticky notes
  • Paper milk / juice cartons

Unacceptable Items

  •  Glass
  • Carbon paper
  • Carpeting
  • Clothing
  • Disposable diapers
  • Hazardous waste (contact MMSD)
  • Light bulbs
  • Metal or steel objects (nails, hangers)
  • Paper towels / napkins or facial tissue
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Rubber material
  • Toys
  • Wax coated products