Concealed Weapons Carry Law

Wisconsin's new concealed weapons carry law went into effect on November 1, 2011. The law allows Wisconsin residents who qualify for and obtain a license from the Wisconsin Department of Justice to carry a concealed weapon (handgun, electronic weapon, knife, or billy club) anywhere in the state where the carrying of a concealed weapon is not prohibited or restricted. The law allows non-license holders to transport a loaded and uncased weapon in a motor vehicle, all terrain vehicle, or boat. The law allows some out-of-state concealed carry license or permit holders to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin. Presently, permit holders from 25 states, including Minnesota, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands can concealed carry in Wisconsin.

The Police Department does not process applications for licenses. We do not issue licenses. By law, only the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) can process applications and issue licenses. The Attorney General has stated the DOJ's website is the best source for official concealed carry law information and updates. There is a link to the concealed carry law page on the home page.

You can read the latest  DOJ concealed carry law fact sheet (PDF) and download a license application (PDF) on this site. Go to the Police Department "Forms" page and browse the fact sheet or application links. You must have a portable document file (PDF) reader on your computer to access this information.

City Owned Buildings
The City of Prescott does not allow concealed weapons in city-owned buildings. Violators are subject to a forfeiture.