Boards & Commissions

The City of Prescott is governed by a Common Council consisting of 6 alderpersons and the Mayor. Three alderperson are elected from the 6 wards and 3 members are elected from the city at-large. Alderpersons are elected to 3 year terms.  The Mayor is elected for a 2 year term.

Common Council
The Common Council serves as the legislative arm of city government. The Common Council decides policy matters, enacts ordinances, resolutions and motions, approves and amends the annual budget, levies taxes, approves the paying of claims made against the city, grants licenses issued by the city, enters into contracts on behalf of the city, and appoints or confirms the appointment of certain city officers.

The Mayor
The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and is responsible for supervising and directing the day-to-day operation of city government. As chief executive officer, the Mayor has a statutory duty to take care that city ordinance and state laws are observed and enforced and that all city officers and employees discharge their duties. The Mayor is the presiding officer at meetings of the Common Council. As presiding officer, the Mayor has authority to decide points of order and to maintain order at council meetings. The Mayor is not counted in determining whether a quorum is present at a meeting. Except in case of a tie, the Mayor has no council vote.The Mayor may veto all acts of the council except where the veto power has been expressly withdrawn.