Fire Association Board



The Prescott Area Fire and EMS Association was established in 2005 by the City of Prescott, and Townships of Clifton and Oak Grove, for an initial ten year period.  In 2014, this agreement was renewed for another ten years by these same three municipalities.

The Association is structured as an intergovernmental unit with enumerated powers under Wisconsin statutes 66.23(1), 60.55, 62.13 and 66.0301.  Oversight responsibilities of both Fire and the Emergency Medical Services agreement are conducted by appointed, one year term-Operating Committee members, which consists of; three members from Prescott, two from Clifton, and two from Oak Grove.  A simple majority is required for a quorum to conduct Association business.  

In conjunction with the Operating Committee, there are also municipally appointed Association Board of Commissioners under statute 60.55 and 62.13, to hear and act on, any disciplinary actions or charges brought against the fire chief or department officers.

The Operating Committee’s primary goal is the efficient and effective performance of the Fire and EMS where they oversee general operations, annual funding sources, agreements, expenses and cash flow output, capital equipment, annual budgets, planning, and related departmental and public policies.

The Operating Committee meets on a monthly basis with the fire chief and EMS director and officers to review all business and fiscal components, to capture feedback from the respective departments, and receive any information or concerns by the public.  The meeting is typically an open to the public meeting with some exceptions.  

 The strength of the Association is the board’s openness to learn and support emergency management needs of the respective departments, municipal governments, and general public that we serve. 


Operating Committee Board Members

Steve Most - Chair, City of Prescott
Lindsey Sorenson - City of Prescott
Bill Dravis - City of Prescott
Mike Harriage - Clifton Township
Joseph Rohl - Clifton Township
Dan Johnson- Oak Grove Township
Rich Ruemmele - Oak Grove Township