Fire Prevention, Inspections, & Public Education

Fire inspections are a means to identify and eliminate or mitigate hazards which might result in life or property loss.  Inspections are a proactive and cost-effective approach to community fire protection guided by Wisconsin Statutes and local ordinances.

n general, routine inspections are conducted in businesses, multi-family dwellings, or places of employment annually but there are other times when an inspection is warranted, such as:

  • When an owner or occupant is required to obtain a permit for a special event.
  • In response to a complaint.
  • There is an eminent hazard.
  • New construction, additions, or alterations are made to existing construction, or during demolition of a structure.
  • A structure’s use or occupancy changes.
  • Upon an owner or occupant’s request.

Construction Plan Review is provided to ensure fire safety code requirements are included in new construction or renovation projects.  Please see on the city’s web site Building Inspection link for various forms and applications.

Throughout the year, fire inspections are conducted by a member of the Prescott Area Fire Department, by either the fire chief or a certified Fire Inspector.  You can review the Inspection form in preparation of your inspector's visit.  A fee is assigned to your inspection according to square footage inspected.  There are additional fees if additional follow-up visits are requires.  See fee schedule.  We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to eliminate or mitigate fire hazards – for the safety of all!

Prescott Area Fire Department’s Public Education Officer is responsible for making the public more aware of fire prevention and safety.  Fire prevention educational programs can be designed to address the fire safety needs of the audience.  


Important statutes, Regulations, Ordinance Links:

Wisconsin Statute 101.14

Department of Safety and Professional Services 314

Prescott Fire Ordinances 


Open Burning Permit and Policy Links:

Public Education and Program Links:

US Fire Administration