Prescott Animal Control

The Prescott Police Department is responsbile for animal control in the city. Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko is the officer in charge of animal control. Kathi Pelnar is the animal control officer.

Please report stray dogs, cats and other animal control issues to the Police Department. A police officer will respond at any hour of the day or night. Please dial 911 to make a report or dial (715) 262-5512 when the Police Department business office is open (Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm except for legal holidays.)

Please be aware that wild animals (bears, deer, fox, raccoons, eagles, etc.) fall under the jurisdiction of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Report wild animal-related issues to the DNR Regional Service Center in Baldwin, Wis. on (715) 684-2914. If you wish to speak with a game warden after business hours at the regional service center, please contact the Pierce County Sheriff's Office on (715) 273-5051.

Prescott police officers will pick up stray dogs and cats within the city limits. We will attempt to contact the owners of animals licensed in the city. We will hold animals licensed in the city at the Police Department holding facility for a reasonable time, usually up to four hours, before the animal is transported to the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury, Minn. by the animal control officer. If the animal is aggressive or represents a danger to an officer, it may be transported immediately.

Unlicensed animals may also be transported immediately.

Stray animal owners may be cited for violations of the city's animal control ordinances.

Dogs and cats must be licensed

Dogs and cats over five (5) months old must be licensed. Dog and cat licenses are available at City Hall, 800 Borner Street, during business hours Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm except for legal holidays. Dog and cat licenses are not available at the Police Department.

Proof of rabies vaccination is required. A vaccination tag must be atached to a collar and the collar must be worn at all times.

License fees: Spayed female or neutered male dog or cat: $15. Non-spayed female or neutered male dog or cat: $18.

Licenses are issued on an annual basis from January 1 to December 31. Fees are not prorated.

A license tag will be isued and must be displayed on a collar.

Please see Ordinance 7-1-1 Dog and Cat Licenses Required for additional information.

Animal Humane Society

Stray dogs and cats in Prescott are transported to the Animal Humane Society, 9785 Hudson Road, Woodbury, Minn. (651) 730-6008 by the animal control officer. The city contracts with the humane society to hold stray animals.

Owners of stray animals transported to the shelter by the animal control officer must contact the Animal Humane Society to make arrangements to retrieve them. Please note that the AHS shelter is open to the public only limited hours of the day. It is highly recommended that owners call the shelter in advance to make pick up arrangements.

The dog or cat owner must pay a $50 fee and provide his or her name and address. The AHS will report to the city that the animal has been retrieved. Owners of unlicensed pets must license them within 14 days aftre retrieval from the shelter. If the owner does not do so, the Police Depsrtment will issue a citation for failure to license a pet as required by ordinance.

Directions and other information on the humane society is avaialble on their website: The site contains a wealth of information on animal health, care and training. There is also complete information on how to surrender an animal to the society or adopt a companion animal.