The City of Prescott contracts services with All-Croix Inspections for building inspections.  The building inspector is responsible for issuing building permits and overseeing the construction of all phases of all projects being done within the city limits. In addition to new houses and businesses, other examples of projects that require a permit are basement finishing / remodeling, decks or additions, garages / sheds, pools and any mechanical / structural changes. Please visit All-Croix Inspections website for permit applications and FAQ's on permits.

General, HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) and plumbing contractors are required to have State of Wisconsin license / credentials. State of Wisconsin licensing / credential requirements and other state code information is available at the state commerce website or by contacting the Department of Commerce at 608-261-8500.

For Fence and retaining wall permits contact the City directly for those at 715-262-5544. 

The City of Prescott Zoning Map can be found at the link below.

City Applications/Permits

Link to all other building permits through All-Croix Inspections