Emergency Government

The City of Prescott has developed a municipal emergency operations plan that provides procedures for the city departments to respond to various types of emergencies or disasters that affect the community. This plan is used in conjunction with the Pierce County Emergency Operation Plan. In an emergency, the city emergency management team will be activated. If needed, the Emergency Operations Center will be opened and staffed throughout the emergency.

Medical Emergencies
When a medical emergency strikes, seconds count.  You can help the Prescott Area Emergency Medical Services make the best use of those seconds by preparing your home and family in advance.
  1. Make certain your house or apartment number is mounted in large numbers, visible from the street.
  2. When calling 911, give the dispatcher your complete address and location (including cross streets.  Stay on the line and answer all questions.
  3. If possible, send someone outside to direct the ambulance to your home.
  4. Keep the patient calm and comfortable.  Avoid moving the patient.
Warning Sirens
There are 2 outdoor warning sirens located in Prescott (Dexter Street and Flora Street).  The primary purpose of the sirens is to warn community members that are outside about severe weather conditions. If you hear the warning sirens, your should turn on a local television news channel or radio channel for the latest weather update. The warning sirens are tested the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m.