Giving to Prescott Area Fire Department

Prescott Area Fire Department is made up of very special people who are dedicated to serving the three municipalities that make up our community.  Your fire volunteers and department administration seeks to provide the best fire response during an event.  We are also part of a wider regional mutual-aid response system.  There are over 40 volunteers in our Fire department.  

Significant financial resources are required In order to respond to events and maintain daily operations.  Prescott Area Fire and EMS Association gladly accepts financial and In-kind support of our mission to plan and respond to natural and man-made events.  The Association has the ongoing demanding challenge to finance general operations and event response though out the year.  Beyond some fees for services, and other revenue sources, the taxpayer is the largest financial supporter.  Any financial relief for our expenses is needed.

The Association will accept any financial gifts or grants from an individual or foundation to help in the general operating expenses, training and education, capital equipment needs (like fire-trucks), specific equipment, uniform clothing, hardship-write off requests and event responses.  

Ways of giving can consist of sending a check or even designating a contribution through your United Way organization for any amount to the Association either restricted to a certain need (as indicated above) or non-restricted which can go into the general Fire budget - and be assigned where it is needed most.  

 In addition to direct financial contributions, you or your company can offer In-kind giving that can cover a wide-array of items or services from your company or as an individual that will help the department.  Our fire chief or operating association members can assist you for specific areas of In-kind interest giving.

Whether giving restricted or non-restricted gifts, the Association through our Fire department, will provide you a letter acknowledging your generous giving for tax filing purposes.  Please accept our deepest appreciation for your valued support!