What if I don't agree with the assessed value of my home?

If you have questions about the assessed value of your home or business, please contact Accurate Appraisal at 1-920-749-8098 or attend Open Book. Open Book refers to a period of time when the completed assessment roll is open for examination. At Open Book, the assessor is allowed to make any changes that are necessary to perfect the assessment roll. You will need to make an appointment for Open Book by calling City Hall.

If you have discussed your assessment with the Assessor and you are not satisfied, you may appear before the Board of Review. You must provide the board's clerk with written or oral notice of your intent to file an objection at least 48 hours before the first scheduled meeting of the Board of Review. In addition, a written and signed form of objection to property assessment must be filled out and filed with the board's clerk within the first 2 hours of the Board of Review's first scheduled meeting. The dates and times of the Open Book and Board of Review will be posted at City Hall and published in the paper. Assessments can not be changed for a tax year after the Board of Review.

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